No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh

Mental Illness and Stand-Up Comedy: Transforming Lives

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Dave Mowry, co-author of "No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh"

Dave Mowry, co-author of “No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh”

Dave Mowry
Before comedy, co-author Dave Mowry lived a life of tremendous loss, and years of paralyzing anxiety and depression. The accomplished business owner and CEO lost everything—his companies, his home and his relationships. The power of laughter has transformed Dave’s story into one of healing, restoration and hope. Today Dave facilitates comedy classes and helps other would-be comics find their funny the way he did. Dave lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife, Heather.





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Tara Rolstad, co-author of “No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh”

Tara Rolstad
Nothing prepared co-author Tara Rolstad for the shocking surprises she faced as foster mom to a teenage niece with severe mental illness. Navigating suicide attempts, hospitalizations and lengthy residential treatment stays thrust Tara into trial-by-fire situations not covered in any conventional parenting book or stay-at-home-mom manual.

Eventually, she realized that while she was, in fact, a terrible housekeeper she was a pretty great advocate. Now as a comic, speaker and writer she gives voice to the experiences of exhausted family members and co-facilitates comedy classes with Dave Mowry. Tara lives in the Portland, Oregon suburbs with her husband David and their three boys, all of whom are hilarious.

Tara is funny, passionate, and unlikely to keep a thought to herself. Find more of Tara online at