No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh

Mental Illness and Stand-Up Comedy: Transforming Lives

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No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh tells the story of six people whose lives with severe mental illness were changed one joke at a time, learning and performing stand-up comedy about their experiences. The book is funny, poignant and inspiring.

One reviewer says, “I find myself surprised at how much this book affected me. . . . Reading the battles they’ve waged with themselves, and the winding roads to recovery (or at least some form of it), is simultaneously heart wrenching and heartwarming. ”

To purchase the Kindle version of No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh, please click here.

To purchase the paperback version of No, Really, We WANT You to Laugh, please click here.

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Co-Authors Dave Mowry and Tara Rolstad


*Contest Fun! Send us your Amazon receipts for BOTH the hard copy and Kindle copy of our books, you’ll be entered into a drawing for ONE FREE HOUR of comedy coaching with Dave and Tara for you, a loved one or a client. We’ll spend an hour helping you or someone else transform tough experiences into laugh-out loud funny jokes – on the phone, Skype, Google hangout or (if PDX-local) in person! Send receipts to Tara at no later than Thursday, February 19th. Drawing to be held on Friday, February 20th.

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